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Las Vegas – Caesars Palace

Las Vegas – Caesars Palace

One of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas still standing, first opened in August 1966, Caesars Palace has never gone out of style. Recently renovated, it is still the Emperor of the city. With all the changes that the famed desert city has seen over the decades, the attractions at Caesars are still first-rate.

Everything from its 129,000 square foot casino space in three rooms to the Japanese cuisine at Hyakumi says ‘Vegas’. Guests can enjoy one of the regal rooms with their high ceilings and royal bathrooms made of marble with brass fixtures.

Centrally located along The Strip, it’s close to all the action that Vegas has to offer. But you don’t necessarily have to leave the hotel to be entertained.

Caesars has a long-established reputation for booking top-notch talent, ever since Frank Sinatra performed there in the ’60s-’80s. Whether you enjoy Celine Dion or Elton John or any of a dozen other top-drawing acts, Caesars will host them sooner or later. Enjoy fine drinks in the 4,000 square foot Colosseum Theatre while you sit back and watch the show.

If you’re hungry there’s a lot more than Japanese food on the menu. Nero’s is one of the hottest spots in town. But if you want some more recent Italian fare, try Rao’s. Recently imported from East Harlem in New York, they’ve been serving authentic dishes for over 100 years.

Shopping at Caesars isn’t a matter of going to an upscale store or two, either. The hotel offers over 240,000 square feet of retail heaven for visitors with unlimited plastic. Over 100 top stores choose to offer their wares here and they do a thriving business. Whether you want a Cartier watch or a Gucci bag, you’ll find something to satisfy.

But if sports is more along your line, Caesars can even satisfy that desire. The Neil Leifer Gallery is famed for its collection of sports photographs. With free admission, you’ll have money left over to buy one of the outstanding photos.

There’s a picture of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston after the fight that made him famous and one of Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby. There’s even one showing JFK with then Vice-President Lyndon Johnson tossing out the first ball of the 1961 baseball season. The photographer’s work has been featured on Time, Sports Illustrated and dozens of other well-known publications.

Fountain of the Gods. Photo by Ken Lund

The pool area at Caesars is always one of the most popular gathering spots. With four separate pools, the 4.5 acre Garden of the Gods Pool oasis is aptly named. Looking like an authentic Roman spa, there are Roman baths surrounded by columns.

The Qua Spa offers an Arctic Ice room and an array of pampering skin treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. With 23,000 square feet of whirlpools, saunas, tanning booths and more, everyone will find something to make those cares melt away.

Come be treated like royalty at Caesars on the Strip.

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