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SeeYouSoon Travel Videos

Arienne Parzei
SeeYouSoon Travel Videos

My name is Arienne, and I’m an award-winning travel videographer, photographer, and blogger from Toronto. For over a decade, I’ve been creating video and digital media content that features destinations around the world. From local to global, coast to coast, and anywhere in between, I’m excited to share with you what’s beyond your front door. I have an insatiable curiosity to learn about different cultures firsthand and a willingness to jump into activities that’ll get your heart rate going. On this channel, you’ll find videos that highlight cities, the outdoors, festivals and cultural events, and of course, food and drinks. I shoot, edit and host all my videos. I’m kind of a one-woman show. My goal through this channel is to leave you feeling either inspired, informed, or simply entertained. So, hit that subscribe button, click that notification bell and come along for the ride. And with that, as I like to say, we’ll see you soon.

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Enjoy her awesome globe-traveling videos!

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