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Park Avenue, New York
New York Park Avenue

Park Avenue through the 1930s was known as ‘the street where the rich people lived’. To have an apartment there was ‘to have arrived’. When you arrive you’ll see fewer apartments and a new kind of ‘rich people’ – multi-national corporate headquarters. Some of the world’s most deservedly well-known architecture is sited along this wide […]

Carnegie Hall
New York Carnegie Hall

For over 100 years, Carnegie Hall has been the mutual destination of musicians seeking the highest level of their profession and those who want to experience their efforts. Whether your taste runs to classical or jazz, folk or pop, Carnegie Hall has hosted them all. Tchaikovsky guest conducted the first performance in 1891, but the […]

The Chrysler Building
New York Chrysler Building

With all the property acquisition of famous buildings over the last thirty years there is still, thankfully, one that has retained its original name: The Chrysler Building. Though the Chrysler Corporation, long since acquired by Daimler-Benz, moved out in the mid-1950s, the building that bears its name remains one of the world’s most recognizable structures. […]

Brooklyn Bridge, New York
New York’s Brooklyn Bridge

One of the world’s most famous bridges, who could think that a steel roadway could engender such controversy and passion? Yet, that’s the history of the Brooklyn Bridge since before its construction began to the present day. Initiated by John A. Roebling, who by 1867 had already created other noted bridges, the project took years […]

Chicago's Parks
Chicago Parks

With over 500 parks to choose from in the Windy City, you may have trouble deciding which to visit. But some of the major ones have gained their reputations from all the things they offer visitors. Grant Park stretches from the Museum Campus at Lake Shore Drive and Roosevelt Road to north of the world-famous […]

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