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Boraca – A Dream Destination

Boracay Beach
Boraca – A Dream Destination

The Philippines has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the famous Manila skyline or diving the islands off the Philippine coast, there is something to interest everyone.

If you do not know where to go then I suggest you start in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Manila is one of those cities you find in the Philippines that is full of life. You can also find this very place in Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Brunei.

The capital city of the Philippines is also full of life, even though Manila is the hub of activity. For those who love to scuba dive, Manila has many dive sites that will please the best. If you do not know what diving is then you should head to Puerto Galera. This place is also full of life.

If you are interested in the Manila skyline, try visiting the island of Batangas. This island has everything for you to explore the skyscrapers and see their beauty.

For those who like to explore the rich culture of the Philippines, the towns of Boracay, Batangas are some of the best places to do so. Boracay has everything you wish to explore. You can find restaurants for traditional Filipino food, beaches for you to unwind, and historical places for those who want to revisit the past.

If you are into shopping, then I suggest you visit the town of Batangas. Most shops in Batangas can be found within a walk from the street. There are a lot of markets to take a look at and souvenir shops to satisfy your craving for something.

If you are into outdoor activities, you might want to try doing a trek. Boraca is the place for you. Boraca has a long trail that leads around the mountains and eventually, you will arrive at a lake, which is actually a volcano. A volcano is a perfect place for trekking. As a result of this, you will be able to pass by most of the places in Boraca. The best way to see the place by taking a boat tour.

For the nature lover, you must consider doing a trek through the jungle of Batangas. You should also be aware that this place is also home to the powerful Taromao clan, whose members have been known to be the most wanted men by the government of the Philippines.

Therefore in order to be safe, it is a good idea to keep away from certain places, particularly during the night.

The best season for Boraca is usually March-May. In July, August, and September, the weather is very hot and humid.

In October, November, and December, the weather here is very cold.

In January and February, the weather here is very dry.

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