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Chopstick Travel Videos

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Chopstick Travel Videos

Welcome to Chopstick Travel! We’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson and our channel “Chopstick Travel” is all about traveling the world to taste and experience everything we can and share it all with YOU! We travel around Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Levant, Africa, and more! Our goal is to help you better understand the world we live in through our journeys and let you in on insider local tips about the BEST places to eat and see! In doing this we hope to help travelers like you easily navigate on your own food and travel journeys!

Luke and Sabrina met each other while in university in Canada, before moving to Taiwan to teach English. During that year in Taiwan, Chopstick Travel was born. We began filming videos and writing about our experiences as a way to share the new cultures, foods, and adventures with our family and friends back home. When we discovered that there was a community of people out there that we’re very passionate about the same things we are, we continued documenting them, but more seriously. Our research and coverage became more in-depth, and our audience and their feedback shaped the channel to what it is today!

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Sample virtually delicious foods from all over the world with Chopstick Travel!

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