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Dennis Callan Travel Videos

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Dennis Callan Travel Videos

Welcome to our YouTube travel channel, with 1,200 travel movies about the world. We have many travel programs about Europe especially, and Asia, North America, Egypt, South America, all fully narrated to provide you lots of information to go with the beautiful sights. We cover Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and more.

Our travel movies are created by Dennis Callan, who has been shooting videos and leading tours for 30 years. “Travel got in my blood as a kid,” he says, “living in Ohio, New York, London, California, then back to New York, all in my first seven years.” “I’ve led 80 tours to Europe, and dozens more to the Americas, Egypt, and Asia, and have been fortunate to share these adventures with the world with my movies,” he says. After graduation from Brown University in 1967, Dennis has been living in Hawaii, conducting several tours annually to favorite places, which he photographs turns into more YouTube movies for you.

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Enjoy Dennis Callan’s 1,200+ travel movies about our world. There are plenty to choose from!

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