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GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Ka’aloa Travel Videos

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Ka’aloa Travel Videos

Hi, I’m Christine Ka’aloa. I’m a female solo travel blogger and a top female travel YouTubers of GRRRLTRAVELER, a solo travel blog helping travelers find confidence in traveling alone, one destination at a time. I left my life in New York, as a reality TV camera operator and producer to live/work abroad in South Korea. From there, I launched into a 7+ month solo backpacking trip through Asia and Southeast Asia. Since I returned to the U.S. and am a full-time travel content creator and freelance videographer.

It’s not a vacation until you survive it! I take you inside my solo travel and food adventures, so you find confidence traveling alone too. All my videos are filmed 100% by me, so you can have the roadmap for your own solo travels.

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Go on some GRRRLTRAVELing and food adventures with Christine Ka’aloa!

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