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Philippines Beaches – The Ultimate Destination

A Beach in the Philippines
Philippines Beaches – The Ultimate Destination

The beaches of the Philippines are truly a treasure-trove of natural beauties that appeal to every traveler from every part of the world. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family/friends, you will always find something that is appealing and memorable about this destination.

A Philippine beach is a place that can turn out any adventure or vacation in the world. You can always find a place where you get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a long car ride with your friends or family or a quick walk around town when you are on your vacation in the Philippines. There are so many beaches in the Philippines that can satisfy your needs.

If you are traveling to the Philippines on business, you can find a perfect place for you to spend a day, an evening, or a night. There are many beautiful spots that are always crowded during holidays. If you are traveling alone or with your friends, you can always find a place that is perfect.

Top Black sand beaches to visit while in the Philippines

Santo Domingo, Albay offers a wonderful contrast of colors with the cool blue sea, the black sand, and the green palm trees.

Bacacay, Albay is a small town on the eastern side of the Mayon volcano, and most of its black beaches are located in Barangay Sogod. Tourists will absolutely love the exotic beauty of Bacacay, surrounded by volcanic black sand.

Tiwi, Albay is located 40 kilometers from Legazpi City, on the northern area of Mayon volcano. The black beaches in Albay are very picturesque, comparable to Hawaii’s beautiful black beaches.

Dauin, Negros Oriental is a popular diving site in the Philippines. Dauin offers beautiful black beaches, with the black sand from the majestic Kanlaon volcano, the highest peak in the Visayas.

Puerto Azul Beach, Ternate, Cavite is a well-known venue for international sports, this gorgeous black sand beach is where you can enjoy water activities such as cruising, jet skiing, and kayaking. There’s also a golf course nearby.

Philippines beaches

From crystal clear waters to sandy white beaches – the Philippines has got it all. There are beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing, beaches that are great for relaxing by the sea, beaches that are home to sea turtles – and so much more.

The best beaches in the Philippines are located in the Visayas. The Visayas is a tropical climate region that gets its name from the Visayas mountains, which are an integral part of the region’s very name.

In the Visayas, there is a place known as ‘The Crater’. This is an island that was formed by a large volcanic eruption and it’s got a volcanic crater at its heart.

The Crater is surrounded by crystal clear waters. The water is very clear that it can be used to make ‘sunbathing’ suits. It’s also got beautiful coral reefs. The Visayas has also got a beautiful ‘White Sand Beach’ and another ‘Black Sand Beach’ that has black sand.

The Black Sand Beach is located in the southern portion that is known as ‘The Outpost’. This is a beach, that as its name implies, gets its name from the black sand that has been mined out of there. It’s also got a ‘Turtle Cove’ which is actually a small cove shaped like a turtle, that is also got black sand.

The Philippines has also got many natural hot springs. Some are located in the Crater Highlands while others are found in the eastern provinces of the Philippines. There is a very hot spring located high in a mountain. This very popular hot spring is known as the ‘Mountain River Spring’. This very popular Spring has been well known to the Japanese and now the Filipino gets to enjoy it.

Philippine beaches also got very beautiful waterfalls that offer a great view. They also got awesome hot springs and even Manila Bay has got its share of beautiful beaches.

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