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Shopping in Madrid, Spain

Shopping in El Rastro Market
Shopping in Madrid, Spain

While perhaps not as well known for it as London or New York, Madrid has dozens of excellent places to shop. Whether you’re looking for a valuable antique or just a simple gift for someone back home, Madrid has much to offer. You may be looking for exclusive shops – of which there are many, or you may want a flea market atmosphere. Madrid has it all.

Tourists can spend time in the hippie quarter in Lavapies or head north to Gran Via, Madrid’s premier shopping street. Even at night the shopping in Madrid never stops. The impromptu stalls around Plaza Mayor are always staffed with someone ready to make a deal. Many are just tourist traps, so beware how you bargain. There’s no point in coming all the way to Madrid just to get junk you could buy anywhere.

You can head to El Rastro, Madrid’s huge outdoor flea market. It has its share of junk too, but there are also some decent antiques and the odd great find. Jewelry, old clothes, books… just about anything you can think of. Nearby there’s a coin and stamp fair held on Sundays.

Located between the Plaza de Cascorro and Ronda de Toledo, there’s a Metro stop at La Latina. Easy to recognize, there’s a statue of Eloy Gonzalo in the middle of Cascorro Square.

If you go during the week the area is likely to be less crowded, but there are also many fewer shopping opportunities. You may prefer the weekend when the place is packed with tourists and natives alike and there is much more from which to choose.

The Alcalá area will prove to be a dream come true for some. Shoes, dresses, accessories, and more are available in dozens of different stores. Everything here is the latest in style and you’ll find a gift for yourself and those who stayed home. Take the Metro to Sol or Sevilla.

On Calle Serrano, shoppers will find all the upscale items their taste demands. Designer clothing shops, art boutiques, and dozens of gifts for those unfortunates who couldn’t come along on the trip to Madrid.

For the men, the Calle Princessa has a range of options. Suits, shoes and much more can be found in this popular area. Take the Metro to Argüelles and Ventura Rodríguez.

Calle Preciados makes for a great shopping stop because it’s strictly pedestrians-only. Ditto Calle Montera. Everything from men’s fashions to the most fashionable women’s clothing is easy to find on this street. Take the Metro to Sol.

Don’t forget to check out El Cortes Ingles, Madrid’s premier department store. Part of a chain, the main store is here and offers just about anything you can ask for.

While you’re in the area try Mercado de San Miguel, which used to be a fish market. Today, it offers a variety of small shops that offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and much more in this small area. You’ll need some food after all that shopping!

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