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Sportfishing In Mexico

Sportfishing in Mexico
Sportfishing In Mexico

Wherever your Mexican vacation itinerary takes you sportfishing is not far away. Cancun, Cabo, or Mazatlan – and many other spots – offer some of the largest, toughest catches anywhere. From Mazatlan in the north all the way down to the Southeast in Cancun (not far from Cuba) there are game fish ready to challenge the hardiest of anglers.

Fly in or take a Western Caribbean cruise to Cancun. Cancun Island is 16 miles long and filled with coral reefs. Do a little snorkeling maybe, even some scuba diving. But then, get your gear ready and watch out! The deep-sea fishing opportunities in the outer Caribbean are unmatched.

Do Sailfish represent your particular Moby Dick? Marlin mocking you? Bluefin Tuna making you think that Charlie the Tuna is tougher than you are? Explore inlets, flats, and lagoons on your way. Then ready your reel and get set for the time of your life proving to them you’ve got what it takes.

Maybe you’re closer to the West Coast spots? You’re in luck.

Sure Cabo San Lucas, Cabo for short, is known as a vacation paradise. Wild bars, warm beaches, and everything in between provides the traveler with excitement galore. But, for the sports fisherman, Cabo presents something else. If you’re in search of “the big one” you’ve come to the right place.

Sit in the stern chair on a charter boat. Set your gear. Then get ready for the fight of your life. The emerald waters of Cabo offer a wide variety of species to give it to you, including record-breaking Marlin and huge Yellowfin Tuna. Mahi-Mahi isn’t just something to order in a restaurant here; it’s a whale of a fish that is ready to tear your arms off.

Head to Puerta Vallarta and rest assured you’ll get no rest. Trophy-sized Marlin is abundant here all year-’round. Sailfish in these waters will happily slice your hands to pieces. With 322 days per year of sunshine and average temperatures of 85°F/30°C, you’ll have plenty of chances to test your skill.

Charter a boat that offers up-to-date equipment and a bilingual crew. Then learn how to say “Watch out Wahoo” in Spanish. Jack, Snapper, and more are ready to make a fool of you. Fool them and show just what a stud you really can be off the West Coast of Mexico.

Drive north to Mazatlan and learn why many movie stars have been coming to Mazatlan since the 1960s. The Pearl of the Pacific is waiting to show you how to be a sport fishing star. World-class resorts here offer plenty of distractions but the fishing charters are also first class. You can rent everything from a small skiff to a giant yacht and be assured of great service on either one.

Billfish are bigger here, thanks to the nutrient-rich waters off the Western shores. Not for nothing does it continue to attract star anglers from around the globe. Then, after you’ve nabbed your personal White Whale, enjoy the Mazatlan Carnival, a real rival to the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Wherever your plane touches down in Mexico you can reach the sports fishing of your dreams in short order.

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