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golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco – The West Coast Jewel

From its magnificent bayside vistas to the intimate cafes, San Francisco offers a visit par excellence. Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge may be the city’s two most well known attractions – and well deserving of their reputations – but the city at the lower edge of Northern California offers much more. Rides on […]

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

At over 1,000 acres Golden Gate Park is larger than Central Park in Manhattan. And, no less impressive too! In one of the busiest cities anywhere, visitors can enjoy archery, basketball, biking, skating and a host of other activities. There are tennis courts, a golf course, even fly-casting pools. Or you can take a break […]

Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

In 1937, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed a telegraph key in the White House. That simple action officially announced an event much of the world was already anticipating: the opening of The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. After four years of construction and a cost of millions of dollars and many lives, one of […]

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