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nevsky prospekt

Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt
Nevsky Prospekt in St Petersburg, Russia

Nevsky Prospekt may sound like a great title for a spy movie but translated it really just means Neva Avenue. Sounds ordinary, doesn’t it? But, like the Champs Elysées in Paris or Broadway in New York, this road in St. Petersburg is anything but common. One of the oldest roads in a relatively new city […]

Peter the Great Monument (Bronze horseman) in St. Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia Monuments

Italy is famous for its outdoor fountains and sculpture. Paris, too, has its Arc de Triomphe and dozens more. But St. Petersburg, Russia is no slouch when it comes to monuments. Tourists flock to this ‘Venice of the North’ in part because it has dozens of noteworthy sights for those who love to stroll around […]

Saint Petersburg, sailboating and cruises
St Petersburg, Russia Cruises

St. Petersburg lies at the shore of the Gulf of Finland that separates it from that Scandinavian country. A coastal city, it offers a number of cruises both short and long. Whichever choice a visitor makes can hardly be bad, since there are so many fine sights to see on any of them. The River […]

St. Petersburg - Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood
St Petersburg, Venice of the North

St. Petersburg is a fascinating mixture of old-style Russia and Gilded Age Europe. Tsar Peter decided to move to the capital and founded a city in 1703 devoted to culture and science. Along the banks of the River Neva, he started an effort that continued for two hundred years. For generations, artists and engineers from […]

Singer House on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg
St Petersburg, Russia: Shopping and Food

St. Petersburg is sometimes called the ‘Venice of the North’ because of its many canals. It could with equal justice be called the ‘New York of the North’ because of the shopping and eating options available. Anyone interested in the shopping experience in St. Petersburg will naturally gravitate first to Nevsky Prospekt. Along this boulevard […]

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