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Take a Cruise to Mexico

Cruise to Mexico
Take a Cruise to Mexico

So much of Mexico is a coastline that a cruise is a natural choice of vacation. Cruisers invariably have tons of entertainment choices onboard ship, but most voyages also offer stops at the port for land-based fun that is equally exciting.

La Paz, Mazatlan, and Puerta Vallarta are just a few of the West Coast options. Cabo has become one of the hottest destinations for everyone from honeymooners to college kids on winter break. Further South is sunny Acapulco, for generations one of the most desirable vacation spots on Earth.

Mexico cruises headed for any of those locations generally leave from a West Coast port of the U.S. Fortunately, since California has 1,000 miles of the coastline itself – not to mention another several hundred for Oregon and Washington – that leaves a lot of choices. Canadians can get in on the act, too, since Vancouver is just over the border. Everywhere from San Diego to San Francisco and above offer cruise departure ports.

Leave, say, from San Diego and you can be in Baja in a few hours. On the ship, you can admire deserted beaches or spend time whale watching. Disembark for a day and enjoy some horseback riding along the beach. Travel all the way down to Acapulco and you’ve hit the aptly-named Mexican Riviera. St. Tropez has nothing on this exciting city.

For those leaving from the East Coast of the United States, Cancun is a natural choice. Cozumel is right next door. Either offer Caribbean delights much like those found in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and other nearby stopovers.

New York, Boston, and Florida are common ports of departure, but even Rhode Island and other states offer a few. The view along the East Coast of the U.S. is distinctly different from the West, so you get great views on the way. And, you’ll hit Cancun in a day. There you can scuba dive during the day and party at any of dozens of nightspots after a long siesta.

Cozumel is a small nearby island off the coast. Go spearfishing. Or, spend a couple of hours snorkeling. Cruise lines often work in partnership with local guides and outfitters so you get trustworthy advice about whom to contact and whom to avoid. Just ask the onboard entertainment director or staff.

After walking around on board for a day or two you might want to see some more natural surroundings. You can horseback ride or take a short bus trip to Parque Punta Sur at the Southern tip of the island. Then explore to your heart’s content. Gaze at the lighthouse, then climb to the top. Or, travel to Chankanaab National Park and see untrained dolphins leap out of the water. You can even swim with them for a very modest cost. Both are popular activities for Western Caribbean cruises.

There are unlimited things to see and do on a cruise to Mexico. Take a dozen cruises and you’ll barely have time to see a tenth of what’s available. Leave from either U.S. coast, or anywhere in the world and head to Mexico for fun in the sun.

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