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Vacationing in Mexico

Vacationing in Mexico
Vacationing in Mexico

New York, Paris, London… all among the great cities of the world and highly popular travel destinations. That’s as it should be. But why settle for a city when you could have a whole country at your disposal? Mexico is the place to go to.

Mexico City is roughly in the center (a bit South, actually). That, too, is fitting since this central vacation spot is also among the great cities of the world. Whether you want to see fascinating architecture, enjoy superb cuisines, or even take in a bloodless bullfight, Mexico City is ready to please.

Those headed East (or coming from much farther East) will naturally think of Cancun. But, then, everyone should naturally think of Cancun because there’s no better sun paradise anywhere. With Cozumel right next door, you get two for one. Scuba, swim with dolphins, or just do nothing. But do it here.

Back on the West coast, those in Acapulco are enjoying their own festivities. For generations, this vacation idyll has been the destination of choice for the active and the idle. Everything from the 7,800 acres Veladero National Park to the beach at Playa Condesa is geared for enjoyment.

But, ah, the famed Yucatan of the East. The very name conjures images of mystery and romance. Swim in crystal clear green water outdoors or in caves. The Cenotes await. Learn to cook like a master chef at the Ritz Carlton, then hang out by the pool and be served yourself. Then travel to Merida to explore some of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage.

Cabo, Cabo, Cabo in the West. That’s what you hear on every college campus. Don’t just leave it to the students, though. There are things to see and do here for every age group. Take a submarine trip. Visit Todos Santos, the 19th-century sugar cane milling town. Tour Magdalena Bay and spot some whales giving birth.

North to Mazatlan! Now there’s a name to bring joy to the traveler’s heart. Whether your preference is sports fishing, horseback riding, or leisurely strolls through quaint pre-Colonial villages like Copala in the Sierre Madre mountains, you’ll find more to do here than one vacation allows.

Headed South and can’t pronounce Oaxaca? Not to worry. Visit the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and you’ll soon learn. Take a trip to Mitla and see one of the world’s most fascinating Farmers Markets. You may even want to buy a basket of grasshoppers.

No trip to Mexico would be complete without a visit to at least one of the country’s dozens of ancient ruins, located all over the nation. The Aztecs, the Mayans, and more left their marks on different parts of Mexico, and what a mark it is! Chichen Itza may be the most well known, but there are many others equally astounding.

Did we mention sports fishing? Whether your Mexico vacation itinerary takes you to Cancun in the East or Puerta Vallarta in the West you’ll have plenty of spots to choose from. The Caribbean is great, the Sea of Cortez equally so.

One way to visit several of the spots above is to take a cruise. You might leave from one of the many ports of the West Coast of the United States. Or, you may start from New York, Florida, or dozens of other spots East. Either way, many offer excursions filled with all sorts of land-based entertainment.

And, oh, consider seeing a bullfight while you’re there. Millions of locals do. If you’ve only seen them in the movies you’ll come away with a whole different perspective.

Yes, you could visit Rome this year. A fine choice. Even far away from St. Petersburg, Russia offers delights of all sorts. But if you want a whole country for the price of one of those major cities, Mexico should be at the top of your vacation destination list.

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